Blog: Dave LeggettEnd year review

Dave Leggett | 19 December 2007

The end of year review is now available for download in the just-auto members' management briefings area of the site. Hard to believe that the bell is about to go on 2007 - just where did it all go?  

I'm seeing just-auto contributor Tony Pugliese in London for a few festive beers later. He usually gets over from Asia at this time of the year and it's great to catch up with the him in person rather than via the usual communication modes (email, Windows Instant Messaging - we use that quite a lot - or Skype phone; 'Biggles' the just-auto carrier pigeon doesn't go as far as Indonesia). There are times when you just can't beat face-to-face.

The poor lad tells me he is finding it a bit cold here. Well I guess a daily max temperature of about 4 degrees centigrade (today's London forecast) is a bit different from the 30+ degrees every day he's used to in Jakarta. I should perhaps take him to the Ice Bar.

Click the below link to see the full just-auto members' management briefings listing.

just-auto members' management briefings


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