Blog: Dave LeggettEmissions and diesels?

Dave Leggett | 22 February 2006

Are you interested in global emissions rules and how they impact diesel technology? What drives them, where they are heading and what their implications for diesels and future diesel engine development might be? If so, we’ve a recently published just-auto white paper on this subject, ‘Diesel technologies face the future’, written by the inimitable and vastly experienced Jeff Daniels (make mine a large JD, please). It's a useful summary.

Some of the engineers among you have been busy downloading but even if you are not an engineer, the paper is nevertheless a good basic run through the main issues and also the rather arcane terms that pepper this field (Euro 5, US Bins etc). I now know that NMOG stands for Non-Methane Organic Gasses and I can finally sleep at night.

It is available free of charge and ArvinMeritor sponsored its production. Yours truly talked to the author about the subject at some length and actually commissioned the article. Click below for more details and to register to receive it. We need a few details before you actually download the paper, but it is the bare minimum, honest. To borrow something I came across recently that made me smile: estimated burden time (of registration), 30 seconds.

Diesel technologies face the future


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