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Dave Leggett | 16 October 2006

Myself and just-auto's emerging markets specialist Mark Bursa met up with Delhi-based auto industry analyst Deepesh Rathore for breakfast on Saturday. The venue was Heathrow Airport's Hilton hotel (the big hangar-like building opposite Terminal 4) for a good scoff at 9:00am.
Deepesh confirmed that India is still very much booming and Mr Bursa had some interesting observations on how the supplier industry in Eastern Europe is developing (he's been working on a just-auto Eastern Europe supplier sector report - which will be published soon). It was a good chat over gallons of coffee.

The breakfast buffet at the Heathrow Hilton isn't a bad option for a business meeting, actually. Not too busy, plenty of room to sit down and it's reasonably quiet. I, for one, pigged out (it was an all-you-can-eat gig). Best moment was at the hot buffet serving area, when an American guy, pointing to slices of black pudding, asked us what it was. Congealed pigs blood, I said, in a matter-of-fact kind of way. But it tastes good - just don't dwell on what it is, I added. He didn't look too keen.

Bursa, who hails from the home of black pudding in northern England, then weighed in to tell him that it was the best food imaginable, an absolute culinary delight and that he just had to try some. He still had reservations, but Mr B's enthusiastic sales pitch swayed him. It was almost like being in one of those management training films.


Fat Boy breakfast for three; left to right: Deepesh Rathore, Mark Bursa, Dave Leggett


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