Blog: Dave LeggettEmbossed seats?

Dave Leggett | 26 June 2008

I guess I don't give a second thought to the seat in a car unless there's a problem (say, related to driving position) or it's unfathomably comfortable. And the way the seat looks isn't really a consideration for me unless it's really bad taste plastic beige or something - but even then, I'm not fussed by the aesthetics. If the seat meets minimum comfort requirements, I've pretty much forgotten about the seat I am in.

But some people are more interested in such things and seats are becoming a part of the trend towards greater vehicle customisation.

On the Fiat 500, seat covers are 'embossed with patterns that have the appearance of decorative stitching'. That could perhaps be something that catches on. Can we devise our own patterns? 

I guess we'll eventually be able to submit our own interior and seat cover designs - imagine giving people free rein to put their own images on seat covers and where that could go?

RESEARCH ANALYSIS: Review of seating technology


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