Blog: Dave LeggettElectric drive technology – important new online resource

Dave Leggett | 9 February 2011

Some people here have been beavering away on creating a new resource that brings together the latest news, information and analysis on Electric Drive Technology (EDT).

EDT? We are using the umbrella term to embrace hybrids (mild and full), plug-in hybrids, extended-range electric vehicles (E-REVs) and pure battery electric vehicles (or BEVs). You'll also find stuff on battery technology and some forecasts, too, as well as a company directory that should help people and companies in the sector to hook-up.

I have been told that the new creation – officially known as the electric drive technology buyers’ guide - is now live and fit for people to see.

This latest service from just-auto provides a wealth of information on electric drive technologies and how this growing sector will impact the future of the global automotive industry.

There's a dedicated newsletter that you can sign up for, also.

If electric drive and associated technologies are your thang, then please get in there and peruse. I'd be interested to know what people think.

The electric drive technology buyers’ guide


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