Blog: Dave LeggettElectric bike

Dave Leggett | 13 May 2009

When you consider the challenge that weight provides to the performance of electric vehicles it's perhaps surprising that there isn't too much heard about electric two-wheelers. The proposition is perhaps further muddied by the inherent efficiency achievable with fossil fuel technology. Motorbikes are fairly efficient machines. Of course some people will never consider them, but there are an awful lot of short journeys in cars with a single occupant...

I have just seen something that a firm based in California has come up with that looks interesting. The Zero S Supermoto bike is being aimed at the commuter (range on a full charge is 60 miles) who wants a little sporty performance thrown in. There's a claimed four-hour charge period.

You'll pay a lot for it and it will take a while to recoup that high purchase price on lower maintenance and fuel costs than the petrol-driven equivalent, but I can certainly imagine a niche for it in a city like London.


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