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Dave Leggett | 21 July 2006

I've just been speaking to someone at Lotus about the Tesla plug-in electric car. It was developed with Lotus Engineering and will be contract manufactured in Britain by Lotus for Tesla Motors, based in California (with sales starting summer '07 in the US).

But this car is a little different in concept from the other electric cars on the market. It actually looks like it might be fun and it is claimed that the car can do 0-60mph in 4 seconds. Claimed range on a fully charged battery is 250 miles (a lot higher than some of the others on the market).

I have been doing a little web research over lunch and I have found a quote from Tesla founder Martin Eberhard that sums up the aim neatly: "We're building a car for people who like to drive. This is not a punishment car."

The below link is to the Tesla Motors website where you can learn more and there are plenty of images. On the styling front, it smacks of Lotus Elise - and that's a good thing, I'd say. Hope it really will make it into production, that it really lives up to the claims and, last but not least, that I can have a go in one.

Tesla Motors


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