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Dave Leggett | 24 October 2008

As far as I'm concerned - as an ex-employee - 'IHS Global Insight' or whatever you want to call it, will always be DRI (circa early 1990s). Sanjay Dabysing RIP (the early days' boss, he left the DRI Automotive Group and went on to run the economy of Mauritius, collapsed a few years ago while jogging). And I can't mention Sanjay without also thinking of the late Paul Capella; the pair of them were pretty formidable, a case-study in complimentary skill sets for (mostly) effective management. Diamond geezers. As indeed many I knew there were (and still are, of course - hello Nigel 'super-hero-monkey-chicken' Griff and DST, master and guardian of a slightly mysterious HVAC database).

Anyway, the head economist there, Nariman Behravesh, is one ultra-capable presenter. We have shared a platform on the same conference programme. I recall a long flight to Detroit in the mid-1990s, being without my trusty spectacles (got very drunk the previous evening and lost them while leaning out of a train window to be sick, no time to get replacements) and generally being out of sorts and making a hash of my presentation. My mojo had well and truly flown. We've (mostly) all been there if we're human. You just can't always put the ball in the back of the net.

I scraped through it, but few in the audience would have been impressed. And who should follow me? A clued up guy on tip-top form, totally on the button who gave a presentation about the global economy that was so ruddy good I (almost) forgot how mediocre I'd been. That was Nariman Behravesh.

I'd take his views on the state of the global economy fairly seriously (below link).

DRI (Okay, IHS Global Insight) press release


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