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Dave Leggett | 5 January 2010

I've been on ACEA's website this morning looking for historical data on car sales (it's there, but I just wish the annual data could be made available on its own; you end up importing worksheets full of monthly numbers and totals...but at least the data is there, so I'm not complaining). I came across some presentations made at an event last month staged to coincide with the Copenhagen climate change international summit.

I also learned that you can be fined $2,000 for excessive idling of your engine in New York City and that its citizens are being encouraged to dial 311 to rat on idlers. ACEA is urging policymakers to adopt an 'integrated' approach to dealing with automotive CO2 emissions - which includes driver behaviour and 'eco-driving'. There's a very interesting presentation from a Japanese government official on what's been happening in Japan, where gross CO2 emissions from passenger vehicles in use have actually been falling since 2001.

Japanese government presentation


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