Blog: Dave LeggettE-mail - don't ya just love it?

Dave Leggett | 25 February 2004

I've had two unrelated conversations on the telephone this morning that took place because of e-mail problems. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big supporter of e-mail. It has revolutionised working practices and some of the drawbacks - like the mails from Chief Ngogu's brother, wife, sister in the Congo wanting a home for his cash, or the ones informing me of the benefits of breast enlargement - are a small price to pay.  But e-mail is not infallible. Sometimes messages really are not received for all sorts of technical reasons (but 'I didn't get your e-mail' is beginning to sound like a delaying tactic or excuse along the lines of the age-old 'your cheque's in the post' and that's really not fair).

Here's a cautionary tale. I recently screwed up an opportunity to speak at a conference in Melbourne coinciding with the auto show down there because I missed an e-mail in my inbox and when I realised my mistake (I was having an Inbox clear-out and spotted it), the programme was coming together and I'd missed the boat! Maybe next year.

Still, it is nice to actually speak to people sometimes. But then some people abuse their voicemail on their office landline and have it switched on 24/ e-mail would likely be better. Horses for courses I suppose.


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