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Dave Leggett | 26 June 2012

Dude, where

Dude, where's my bike?

I've just been reading a press release about a Ducati enthusiasts' mega-get-together in Italy. It perhaps sums up the appeal of Ducati for VW/Audi: it is a very strong brand.

Some 65,000 Ducati enthusiasts visited World Ducati Week held at the World Misano Circuit in Italy. Ducati says that the 65,000 visitors included 30% from abroad - from USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, India, Brazil, China and Malaysia 'and with countries such as Gabon, Iceland and Nepal in addition'.

There was plenty of track action and drag racing over four days.

After the drag racing, the riders moved to the Piazzale Roma in nearby Riccione where an estimated 10,000 fans saw them join Gabriele Del Torchio (President of Ducati), Claudio Domenicali (Ducati General Manager), Filippo Preziosi (Ducati Corse General and Technical Director), Ernesto Marinelli (Superbike Project Manager), Alessandro Cicognani (MotoGP Project Manager) and Vittoriano Guareschi (Ducati Team Manager) on the massive stage set-up for the Saturday night spectacular.

Now get this. After the presentation, the stage was set for a spectacular performance from the 'Ducati All Stars'. This musical event featured: Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Franky Perez (Pusher Jones), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol band), Billy Morrison (The Cult) and Isaac Carpenter (Loaded). The show finished by “wowing” the thousands of Ducatisti with a massive fireworks display over the Riccione beach-front venue. There were also beach parties and other events in the evenings over the four days.

And Audi wasn't going to miss out: 'Audi and Lamborghini added a little extra adrenaline with the former providing WDW-goers the opportunity to passenger the highly desirable R8 LMS and R8 V10 in the capable hands of Audi’s professional drivers'.

Anyway, glad Steve Jones is a) alive and b) in work.


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