Blog: Dave LeggettDucati and Piech's 75th

Dave Leggett | 3 April 2012

I see Daimler has denied interest in purchasing Italian motorcycle firm Ducati.

There does seem to be some OEM interest in the respected premium Italian two-wheeler brand. The house of brands that is Volkswagen Group is also rumoured to be interested. I can imagine the mighty Piech getting a little excited about the prospect of Ducati being brought in under the wing of, say, Audi.

Somebody I was speaking to the other day had an interesting observation. April 17 is Ferdinand Piech's 75th birthday. That falls a few days before the VW Group AGM. The timing could be very good for an announcement.

'Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...' 

GERMANY: Daimler denies Ducati reports


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