Blog: Glenn BrooksDS6? DS7? What production name will Citroen's DSX concept have?

Glenn Brooks | 4 February 2013

If the rumours out of China prove to be true, Citroen will reveal a concept called DSX at AutoShanghai in April. The web is abuzz with speculation that a production model, a rival for the BMW X4, will follow. But what model name would be used?

Until I drove the DS5 last week, I had been a bit reluctant to think of Citroen in the same company as BMW. Then I had a look at how well the brand's pricey DS models are selling (in the UK at least), and realised I needed to adjust my view. Lots of people are already paying well in excess of £20,000 for an optioned up DS3. A few thousand others are equally fine paying between £17,000 and £25,000 for the DS4 or £30,000+ for a DS5, so it probably isn't that much of a stretch to think there might be a market for a £35,000 DS6 or DS7 crossover.

Forget the UK market for the moment, though, and even forget the rest of Europe. CAPSA, the new JV between Citroen and Changan, has already set up a special network of retailers in selected Chinese cities to sell the DS line cars. Later this year, CAPSA will open a production plant in Shenzhen to build one or more DS models. So far, the partners are not saying which cars will be the first to be manufactured there but the DS4 or DS5 seem like a safe bet. And I wouldn't bet against a future DS6 or DS7 being made in Guangdong province from around 2015 or 2016.


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