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Dave Leggett | 23 November 2008

I guess we've all heard the standard tips on how to save fuel and help save the planet by now. It's things like keeping your tyres at the correct pressure and not allowing passengers or dogs to hang out of the windows or doing anything that detracts from lowest possible weight and most efficient aerodynamics. And there's also driving style. I think we all know what that one is all about, too - low revs, feet off the brakes, easy on the accelerator pedal.

And in practice, how are you doing? Do you check the fuel consumption occasionally?

There are some interesting developments going on with systems that can tell you how you are doing and present data in a way that engages. Honda has come up with something for the Insight hybrid that is almost turning eco-driving into a skill-based game. It could be a way to teach people that is way ahead of a manual.

On a similar theme, Fiat has something that involves data about your driving collected on a memory stick that you then upload to your PC, upon which you have already installed some software. Again, I could imagine people getting into that, wanting to beat their previous high score and so on.

Interesting developments and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this sort of thing.

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