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Dave Leggett | 17 July 2007

Interesting item today about a music cataloguing database called 'Gracenote' that is being installed in Cadillacs in the US. The software enables you to stick in a CD and it recognises it, copies it onto a hard-drive, the tracks all properly tagged and easily searchable. The whole thing is supposed to support the idea of putting your entire music library in your car. The Gracenote catalogue has some six million albums in it. That sounds like a pretty big library. Would perhaps be a challenge to find something not in the database (our friend Coolbear - Mark Bursa - probably could though; his music collection is something else...).

But here's a thought that seems blindingly obvious. The copyright/royalties issues might be considerable, but how long before someone offers up a pre-loaded system? I suppose the vehiclemaker could do a deal with iTunes or record companies and maybe take 1,000 songs so that the hard-drive arrives with an array of tunes already installed? I wonder how attractive that would be to car buyers and whether anyone is actually trying to do such a deal?

There might be songs in such a database that you actually do like, but which aren't in your music collection or that you would readily admit to liking. Which reminds probably is about time that I actually shelled out for Bobby Darin's greatest hits. And if I find myself on Amazon later on, I definitely won't be purchasing loveable cockney crooner Max Bygraves' greatest. Absolutely not. No way. Unthinkable. 'You need hands...'

US: Cadillac sound goes high-tech


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