Blog: Dave LeggettDresden Bentleys

Dave Leggett | 28 July 2008

A Bentley not  made in England wouldn't have a great deal of cachet would it? If 'Made in England' is a core brand value, it might be seen as a faux Bentley, not quite the real McCoy. But if the numbers made in Dresden were small and the end-product was indistinguishable from the real thing, then there might be a slightly bizarre interest in them, as there would be in a rare postage stamp that was a second.

Anyway, that's what Bentley's Ulrich Eichhorn told Mark Bursa. But he wouldn't be keen on making too many Bentleys outside of the UK. Strange old world we live in, eh? The Dresden Bentleys are identified by VIN numbers.

The German-British connection here caused a few misbehaving neurons in what passes for my memory to recall a rather eyebrow raising item that we had on just-auto a few years' back. Ah, the great British workers - they really put the Great in GB. I wonder if the workers on the Dresden Bentleys left a hidden signature of some sort?

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