Blog: Dave LeggettDream merger has problems too

Dave Leggett | 30 September 2003

France and Japan are countries with two very distinct and strong cultures I think you'll agree. Back in 1999, the idea that two of the biggest automotive names from these two countries could come together seemed problematic, to say the very least. But it worked. In no small part it was helped by the parlous financial state of Nissan at the time, the perceived need for Renault to be proactive in the seemingly unstoppable consolidation wave and the steady hand at the Nissan helm provided by a Brazilian called Carlos Ghosn. If all parties want something to work and are determined, a way can normally be found to make it happen.

But for all the success,'s Renault-Nissan supplier survey highlights some serious areas of concern - especially with regard to communication channels along the supply chain. Tier 2s seem to be having an especially big gripe. While Renault-Nissan can deservedly pat itself on the back in recognition of its achievements, the survey suggests there is no room for complacency.


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