Blog: Dave LeggettDon’t laugh…

Dave Leggett | 11 October 2004

I actually feel guilty about mocking anything that MG Rover says or does. It seems like kicking someone when they’re down and like many in the auto industry in Britain, I would like to see the company have a future. It’s a tragic tale and there’s still a lot of resilience from the guys at Longbridge and you have to respect that.

I hope a viable partner is finally found and maybe the Phoenix Four aren’t really spivs and crooks after all etc, etc.

But you have to wonder whether they care how they’re perceived outside. In the press release announcing the appointment of a new fleet sales guy, I found these words:

“We have coherent and up-to-date MG and Rover products that embrace a wide range of fleet requirements.”

Why say up-to-date? Even given the general tendency for press releases to contain a certain amount of hyperbole, that’s a pretty ludicrous claim.


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