Blog: Dave LeggettDon't crash in a G-Wiz

Dave Leggett | 10 May 2007

Crashing is not something you want to happen. But if it does you are generally better off in a big car with lots of mass than in a small, light one. That law of physics can never really be fully offset, but the work car manufacturers do to make cars, especially small ones, safer for crashing in is impressive.

And we tend to assume an ambient safety level applying to all cars. Euro NCAP tests show that some perform better than others, but they're all pretty good these days, right? Maybe, but there could be some exceptions.

A G-Wiz plug-in qualifies as a 'quadricycle' and isn't subject to the same safety requirements in design as regular cars. Sure, they don't go very fast, but they go fast enough to make crashing extremely inadvisable... 

Top Gear G-Wiz Crash Video


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