Blog: Dave LeggettDon't be a tosser

Dave Leggett | 28 August 2003

Had to laugh at this one. The Keep Britain Tidy campaign is targetting litter bugs who throw - or toss - their rubbish out of vehicles by telling them: 'Don't be a tosser'. For those who are unaware of the finer points of British slang, a tosser is a pejorative term pertaining to masturbation, so there's an interesting pun at work there. Can't quite see people squaring up to litter bug White Van Man with that one. Keep Britain Tidy's previous campaign was apparently called, 'Have you dropped one?'. Another vernacular pun - this time involving farting.

If I can just get serious for a moment, I do believe that the people who throw litter out of their vehicles deserve to be wired in to the National Grid. But my biggest hate - the people who empty their ash trays on to the tarmac in car parks. What kind of person does that?


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