Blog: Dave LeggettDog ate the homework?

Dave Leggett | 15 October 2003

Yesterday's ACEA numbers for car sales in Western Europe during September didn't make happy reading for Ford. Group sales were off 5.1% in September over the same month last year, one of the worst manufacturer performances. Why quite so bad? Several reasons can be cited, but I've just read in the Financial Times that the unusually dry weather of recent months has played a part. I kid you not. Niel Golightly, a Ford spokesman, told the newspaper that Ford's new C-Max compact MPV (Scenic fighter, better late than never...) meant to bolster sales until a new Focus arrives late next year, had been delayed because of the low level of water in the river next to its plant in Saarlouis, Germany.

"We have had a real problem getting C-Max out of Saarlouis because we normally use barges and the Rhine is too low. I know it sounds like a classic 'dog ate my homework' excuse," he said. Anyone for a raindance?


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