Blog: Graeme RobertsDo Toyota designers have children?

Graeme Roberts | 2 March 2016

Extreme side window line of Toyota

Extreme side window line of Toyota's production-ready C-HR has this parent questioning what sort of view out smaller children are going to get.

With the rider I haven't seen one in the metal and the interior apparently is still to be revealed in Toyota's interminable drip-feed of pictures and concepts leading up to the 'production' reveal of the C-HR SUV in Geneva this week, I have one question - do the Calty stylists have children?

While the smooth, curvy styling with its deep lines in the metal, huge wheels, etc looks great, I have to question the steep rise in the rear door window waist line and the size of what must be one of the world's smallest quarter lights and ask - are kids strapped in car seats going to get much of a view out? At least they get boosted seat height; what about the youngsters newly freed from regulatory perches who sit lower?

Oddly, Toyota has form for doing this with so-called 'family' models - its Aygo is the only one of the PSA JV three with an upkinked side window line, right where a kid might look out.

A good view out for the juniors in the rear perches is a good antidote to car sickness. By all means appeal to the young, childless and trendy, Calty, but how about a thought for parents who might have to clean up the barf your prison cell-like rear compartment looks like inducing?

A courteous response from Toyota: "We haven't revealed interior details yet, and we recommend that younger kids should sit in a child seat. The design is distinctive and for this model that counts a lot. It will also work for families but of course, we offer more practical models if this is the main reason for buying."

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