Blog: Dave LeggettDisney, Avantimes and Concorde

Dave Leggett | 3 November 2003

I'm getting my brain back into gear after several days without it. I left it in reception at my 'in the magic' Disneyland Paris hotel. Picked it up on exit. After finding Disneyland Paris (very straightforward, though you have to keep your wits about you on the roads around Paris and CDG airport) the main challenge was remembering characters from movies, cartoons and fairy-tales from the dim and very distant past that was my early childhood. But is Disneyland Paris worth a visit? I'd say yes. Plenty to do for kids of all ages (yes, age 3 to age 103) and it's not the time or place to get picky about commercialism, schmaltz or the 'Mickey premium' - it all has to be paid for somehow and the whole experience is very well delivered. I defy the hardest-nosed cynic not to go there and have a good time. How can you see be-costumed Chip 'n' Dale being mobbed by a load of totally excited and autograph crazed kids and not smile? My kids loved the place too. And the Disney people did a great job with Halloween theming. Staff ('cast members') were great - most seemed to be really enjoying themselves. It being France, food was good also. Advert over.

Driving south from Calais on the Autoroute to Paris I caught sight of a couple of Renault Avantimes. Quite against expectations they've grown on me, I must say. In my opinion, they look cool and stand out in the traffic, but are visually distinctive in a good way (unlike, I'm sorry to say, its Vel Satis relation). I had a definite 'Concorde feeling' over the Avantime. Maybe it was ahead of its time and Europe's just not ready for a luxury coupe/MPV crossover like that yet. Car companies have to make money of course but Avantime orders actually picked up just before Matra finally stopped making it. Alas, it was too late to save the car. But, unlike the supersonic airliner, you'll at least still be able to see Avantimes in active service for many years to come.


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