Blog: Simon WarburtonDiners tuck into Saab

Simon Warburton | 6 September 2011

I was talking earlier to Europe's automotive supplier association (CLEPA) CEO Lars Holmqvist about all things Saab as many of his members have been at the heart of what has become a saga of epic proportions.

The European boss - based in Brussels - told me he was attending the annual dinner tonight (6 September) of the Swedish automotive suppliers association (FKG) in Sweden.

"All the leading people of the automotive [industry] are here," he said. "Dinner is [for] 280 people."

No small bash then. And with prescient timing too as there will surely be only one main topic flitting between the tables as Saab approaches yet another potential union D-day tomorrow. Equally no problem for Holmqvist to converse with the diners - he's Swedish.

While we're at it, just why haven't Saab's unions pulled the trigger by now and filed for bankruptcy? What do they know, what have they been told?

A reliable Chinese source has told just-auto money has been deposited with Saab - is that the reason for the labour bodies' reticence? Or do they know something else?


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