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Dave Leggett | 20 August 2008

Hemp? That's a cannabis-related organic material that hippies harvest for clothes and carpets isn't it? Yes, maybe it is those things. But it's a strong renewable material and it can also have application in cars. Lotus has produced an 'Eco-Elise' concept which incorporates the use of hemp. Seat fabrics you're probably already thinking - and maybe the carpets perhaps. Yes on the seats but Lotus has employed another renewable crop for the carpet. It's an interesting exercise and points to some future possibilities with organic materials.

And get this; hemp has been used as the primary constituent material in some of the car's composite body panels - such as the hardtop roof and spoiler. Far out, as Fat Freddy might have said. A whole new take on that 'new car smell'.

Okay, where have I read about the Eco-Elise - in the latest issue of proActive, that's where. It is now available for free download (if you haven't already, you just have to register - 30 secs tops - to read it).

In the latest edition there is also an interview I did with Victor Muller, main man at Spyker Cars. He's an interesting fellow, to be sure. His involvement in Formula One must have been fun, if ultimately traumatic - a real rollercoaster. Was it Eddie Jordan who once said something like this: how do you make a small fortune in F1? Answer: start off with a big fortune.

If you aren't registered for the alert email, you can download the latest proActive as a pdf by following the link below. 

Lotus proActive


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