Blog: Dave LeggettDiesels not at all big in Japan

Dave Leggett | 15 June 2006

The Japanese carmakers' progress in the West European passenger vehicle marketplace has been tempered (thank goodness for that, some might say) in the past by a lack of good diesel engines and it is only now that that is being corrected (and certain European OEMs known for their diesel strength better take note).

The Japanese domestic market certainly has never encouraged them to go down the diesel route on passenger cars. How many diesel engined new cars were sold in Japan in 2005? Think about it. A market (all passenger cars, including kei class) of 4.8m units. Answer: 2,086 units. I uncovered that statistic while browsing JAMA's website earlier.  

JAMA has a newsletter for Europe that includes some articles of interest (link is below).

Why was I on JAMA's website? I was ploughing through the e-mail Inbox first thing and there was a mail from JAMA. There was also something in my mail that is utterly silly and I defy anyone to watch it and not smile. I don't often click on such things but this come to me from my colleague, Olly Wehring, on sister publication just-drinks with a strong recommendation, so I gave it a go. Utterly silly, but very funny. What happens when you add Mentos mints to a big bottle of diet coke? Find out. (Put your speakers on so you get the commentary.)  Ah, the information superhighway that is the web is a wonderful thing is it not?

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