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Dave Leggett | 19 February 2007

PSA Peugeot Citroen has suggested before that so long as the purchase price margin of a diesel-electric hybrid over a conventional diesel is about the same as the diesel’s margin over a petrol powertrain, then the consumer will see the diesel hybrid as economically viable and a hybrid sector in Europe can flourish. The diesel-electric hybrid premium was estimated at around 2,000 euros.

It looks as if PSA has finally decided that a diesel-electric hybrid can fly as one is being prepared for the next 308. There could be a sizeable first-mover advantage for PSA here, if it gets the technology right. There's nothing like being first to the party with a hit on your hands to give everyone a lift.

My thoughts also turned to Land Rover - arguably in need of a diesel-electric hybrid ASAP in order to help counter the anti-SUV lobby. Good article in the Sunday Times this week tackled the subject of current anti-SUV hysteria in a well-balanced way. Worth a read.

It includes the admission from a Land Rover engineer that the diesel-electric hybrid premium on a Land Rover looks like £3,000 per vehicle (which sounds about right given Land Rover's volumes and the technical demands on the powertrain).

Land_e concept. LR hopes to get a fully capable 4x4 diesel hybrid down to CO2 of 150g/km.

FRANCE: PSA plans production diesel-hybrid


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