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Dave Leggett | 21 October 2009

I am in Detroit this week for some meetings and a few interviews. Chrysler's Auburn Hills HQ is a massive complex that has a slightly sad air – there were lots of empty desks. It's the same story generally, but that Auburn Hills complex was always a very bold statement. It's actually very reminiscent of a shopping mall. But the customers are thin on the ground.

Yesterday, I was at Ford WHQ to make a presentation and also to interview Alan Mulally in his office. He really is quite a bundle of energy and was very familiar with both me and just-auto. As you can see below, it was nice of him to let me give Ford's latest business plan a check over (yes, I am joking).

A full write-up of the interview with Mr Mulally will follow as soon as I have had the chance to do it.

EXCLUSIVE: Ford's Mulally confirms 2011 profitability goal


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