Blog: Dave LeggettDetroit update

Dave Leggett | 16 June 2004

Here's a quick update. Paul Eisenstein and his wife Christine were exceedingly hospitable on Monday night. We went out for dinner to a Korean restaurant near Royal Oak which included a scrummy dish not unlike steak tartare, but with added chilli paste. I'm glad to say that relations between "The Car Connection" and just-auto are on a very sound footing. Paul was running a Honda Element, which I like very much.

Apart from getting lost yesterday, I managed to make a presentation at Ford and interview Nick Scheele. The top floor of Ford's WHQ was very sumptuous, I must say, and had a nice ambience.

It was good to finally hook up with Paul Lienert last night. He’s been round the block and we swapped plenty of industry stories and anecdotes. His Global Auto Insider newsletter looks pretty good and he’s given me load of stuff to look over. I’m back at Ford WHQ today for a teleconference about just-auto as a resource. But at least I know the way now.


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