Blog: Graeme RobertsDetroit, The Simpsons and The New York Times

Graeme Roberts | 16 August 2010

I'm a 20-years-and-counting fan of The Simpsons which tends to keep up with, and parody, current life in the US. Last night's episode here in the UK was about much of the ficititious city of Springfield being in foreclosure, giving Sideshow Bob, aka Matt Warren, a chance to move in next door to the famous yellow family and plot his latest attempt at removing Bart from the earth.

Motown was in the writers' sights this episode: as the departing neighbours' moving van leaves, Bart turns to his mom and says: "There they go, another Springfield family, off to seek a new life in Detroit."

But if this weekend report in the New York Times is any guide, that may not be as much of a joke as the screenwriters - it takes nine months to produce one episode - intended it to be...


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