Blog: Dave LeggettDemel still at Fiat Auto, but...

Dave Leggett | 1 December 2004

The situation for Fiat Auto CEO Herbert Demel looks a little unclear following recent reports that he was on the way out. You have to feel for the guy - he hasn't been in his job long - but when he chose to leave VW and move to Fiat, he must have realised that he was taking on a big job that comes with all sorts of political stuff. My guess is that Demel will soon find himself working quite closely with Martin Leach who will be given some kind of product/sales/marketing responsibility in Fiat Auto and have the ear of Fiat Group boss Marchionne, even if he doesn't officially report directly to him. And Herbert Demel could find himself on borrowed time, if indeed he actually wants to stick around. The Fiat rumour mill will continue to work overtime for a while yet.


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