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Dave Leggett | 15 November 2006

The Deloitte seminar earlier was quite useful in painting the scene for this conference on China’s auto industry. Deloitte is a major sponsor for this conference, so I guess they have to be given a little space to promote themselves and their capabilities. But they didn’t abuse it – their scenarios stuff provides a good framework for analysis for companies looking at China and trying to weigh up the risks and devise strategies. I thought their scenarios approach deserved a decent hearing and I have knocked up a short news item about it.

All is not quite as it seems here. The state still plays a very important role in the running of the economy and firms need guidance on how government rules can affect their operations. It’s a fluid situation too, as well as an uncertain one.

There are certainly a few things about China that get you thinking. Yes, economic liberalisation seems a good thing, on the whole, and is helping to transform China’s economy – but how far does economic liberalisation work within a centralised one-party political system? What are the pressures here, under the surface? Does the government push economic growth to keep the lid on things? But in the end do people here ‘care’ very much about democracy if they have work, full bellies and their pay is going up? What are the ‘scenarios’ for them in their daily lives? Is Singapore a democracy? Saudi? What do Iraqis think of democracy? Do I even exercise my right to vote (usually, no I don’t)?

Right now it's time for a stroll, some fresh air and a little vehicle watching before cocktails at 5:30pm. Saw a Chrysler 300C parked up yesterday. Like the showy, self-confident architecture punctuating the more numerous tatty tower blocks, it fitted right in here.

Tomorrow's programme (looking forward to Murtaugh, now that he is at SAIC):

Thursday, November 16 
8:00am Registration and breakfast 
9:00am Welcome and overview
Freeman Shen, President, BorgWarner China
Kevin Wale, President and Managing Director, General Motors China


Dieter Seemann, Deputy Managing Director & Commercial Executive, Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd.
Toshiaki Otani, Vice President, Dongfeng Motor Company Ltd.
12:30pm Lunch 
2:00pm Afternoon presentations
Zhi Liu, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank
Jean-Yves Dossal, General Director, Dongfeng Peugeot
Stephen Clarke, Executive Vice President, Ricardo China
Phil Murtaugh, Executive Vice President, SAIC Motor Corporation
5:00pm Conclusion and cocktail reception

CHINA: Uncertainties cloud growth outlook – consultant


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