Blog: Dave LeggettDearborn trip

Dave Leggett | 4 June 2004

How time flies. I’m flying to Detroit on 12th June for meetings at Ford the following week – including a presentation to an internal Ford strategy group and an interview I get to do with Nick Scheele. I’ve managed to find a reasonably priced hotel this afternoon, courtesy of the very efficient Expedia website and I guess I’ll have to start thinking about a presentation soonish.

One slight area of concern is that I will be in the US on the 13th of June and the Americans have a very distinct sporting culture that is all their own. Sunday the 13th is the day that England play France in their group opener as part of the Euro 2004 football tournament in Portugal – and it's a game I’d quite like to see. I’ll have to find a sports bar or something. I’ve visions of going into a bar in which re-runs of the last baseball ‘world series’ are being shown on TV to a happy and grateful audience who are whooping and sinking Buds. After I have a discreet word with the barman the cry goes out, “Hey guys, I can't quite believe this, but this limey wants to know if we’d rather watch a soccer game!”


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