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Dave Leggett | 8 July 2003

I'm going through a pile of post on my desk (80% of which is press releases destined for the bin) and I've just seen one that really deserves a prize. The somewhat bizarre press release links the BMW Z4 with things Italian - 'Bowker grabs a Pizza the Z4 action'. Preston (in northern England) BMW dealership Bowker has celebrated the arrival of the new BMW Z4 with an 'Italian-themed weekend'. Italian? Here's what the press release says: "We're a British car dealership which is selling prestige cars built by a German-owned company. We're providing the finest Italian food for all our visitors over the weekend. And mums and daughters will enjoy a Mediterranean-style makeover courtesy of Virgin Vie!"

Maybe they looked at doing something German-themed (or maybe even US Deep South, where it is built) but decided against sausages and sauerkraut; they really wanted to do Italian and to hell with it. The press release is topped with a picture of some of the Bowker people about to tuck into a pizza that has a topping with 'Z4' spelled out in black olives along with the Italian national flag (imaginatively recreated with the use of basil leaves, mozzarella and red peppers). The picture is a corker and here it is:


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