Blog: Dave LeggettDC sharing across group brands

Dave Leggett | 7 May 2003

BMW chairman Helmut Panke has reportedly been making comments that can be interpreted as being critical of DaimlerChrysler's policy of increasing the degree of architecture and component sharing across its constituent brands. Let BMW take the high ground. But does it make sense for DC to lever cars like the Crossfire ('body by Motown, soul by Mercedes') off Group resources? If you believe in making profits, of course it does! That always had to be at the centre of the grand DC project, although I am sure there is sensitivity to the dangers of going too far (especially at Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart...). Now, finally, DC is getting serious: M-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, smart, Mitsubishi (and there are the freight truck brands too). Plenty to play with. Maybe the behind the scenes tensions that dogged DC in its early days have been largely played out now. And BMW? Different business model altogether. But maybe Mr Panke is just a touch envious of DC's considerable group synergies and savings potential.


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