Blog: Dave LeggettDC shareholders demand follow through

Dave Leggett | 4 April 2007

I see Dieter Zetsche has come in for a bit of flak at the DaimlerChrysler annual shareholders' meeting today. That's pretty predictable. When Zetsche said Chrysler was for sale he took the lid off a pressure cooker of resentments.

It was bound to overflow at the shareholders' meeting, especially in the context of what looks like a rather drawn out process.

It does though reinforce the near inevitability that Chrysler and Mercedes are going separate ways now. Engineering-wise, Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler were never all that close.

For everyone at Chrysler - and its suppliers, customers, dealers - a speedy resolution to the sale will be hoped for now. The longer the uncertainty drags on, with its future planning paralysis, the more demoralised everyone gets.

GERMANY: DaimlerChrysler confirms Chrysler 'future options' talks


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