Blog: Dave LeggettDC Georgia (US) plant and Vito van

Dave Leggett | 10 July 2003

DC's announcement that it will postpone construction of a new US plant in the state of Georgia has come as a bit of a surprise, as all the signals were positive. One theory is that the decision has as much to do with upcoming UAW negotiations as much as anything else. But it could delay the introduction of the Vito cargo van to the US, which I'm told was slated for this plant. DC already sells the larger Sprinter van - under the Dodge brand - in the US, but also believes there is a market niche for the Vito. Vito has been a good product in Europe and I recall it was European 'Van of the Year' shortly after its introduction a few years ago. Just don't ask about the V-class minivan which comes off the same production line in Vitoria, Spain. It's not exactly been a roaring success.


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