Blog: Dave LeggettDawn of the hydrogen age?

Dave Leggett | 10 July 2008

Hardly a day goes by without something of interest on the alternative - to the fossil fuelled ICE - powertrain front. BMW is apparently going to be putting electric motors inside some Mini models destined for California. And manufacturers are generally rushing electric car programs wherever possible.

The UK tech firm ITM pushing the idea of localised refuelling stations for hydrogen is an interesting one. That could remove the chicken and egg infrastructure provision problem, but a 25-mile range sounds a bit paltry for the home refuelling scenario.

Mind you, the technology could get a good start with the compressed hydrogen version that extends range 'four-fold'. Maybe we're not that far from a major fleet operator actually going for something like this and then momentum could conceivably get going. I understand ex-Ford of Britain's Roger Putnam is on the ITM board.

UK: UK technology company announces dawn of hydrogen age


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