Blog: Graeme RobertsDamning a Nissan with faint praise

Graeme Roberts | 14 September 2011

Vanity Fair's website on the Nissan Murano cabriolet (not a misprint).

"It looks like a Galapagoan tortoise mated with a handicapped-accessible bathtub. It shudders like Gallopin’ Gertie over any road imperfection larger than an aphid. It travels about as quickly as a vanilla Frosty sucked through a hollowed-out human hair. And unless your style aspirations dead-end at “gay Buckhead podiatrist,” it’s probably not appropriate for you. Although this bizarre four-seat, three-windshield, two-door, crossover convertible does absolutely nothing right, it does it extremely well, never failing to bring a smile to our faces."


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