Blog: Dave LeggettDaimlerChrysler’s role swap

Dave Leggett | 28 October 2004

Interesting to note that, within the financial bounce-back at DaimlerChrysler, Chrysler is now performing much better while the once impregnable Mercedes Car Group division shows continued deterioration. Mercedes Car Group sales fell 4% to 293,200 vehicles in the third quarter and its operating profit of $377 million (down 62% on last year) was down, the company said, because of model changeovers, high launch and start-up costs for the ‘second product offensive’, and the costs of the ‘ongoing comprehensive quality offensive’.

Some analysts say that Mercedes quality has suffered from the seconding of many of its engineers to Detroit to work on Chrysler's problems. They seem to have done their job over there. Time to get ‘em all back to Stuttgart? First available planes?

GERMANY: DaimlerChrysler achieves profit turnaround in third quarter


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