Blog: Dave LeggettDaimlerChrysler: Throw a Schrempp on the barbie?

Dave Leggett | 5 April 2005

I've just been speaking with a journalist at the BBC who wants to do an interview with me later today for radio (BBC World Service). I was expecting the subject to be Rover (the news last night that deal talks have 'stalled' because SAIC and the British government were both taken aback by the seriousness of Rover's financial position is pretty ominous) but it is in fact DaimlerChrysler ahead of its AGM tomorrow. The main issues to talk about, I think, are the Smart brand and its recent rejigging (not enough to satisfy investors?) and persistent quality problems at Mercedes-Benz Cars that have severely damaged the three-pointed star's reputation and hit profitability.

The Smart ForMore SUV axing also has implications for DC capacity in South America where DC has a pretty appalling record for wasting money on plant, as our man in Rio points out (below link). I wonder if Jurgen Schrempp, the consummate politician, will shortly be feeling some heat from shareholders again?   

EXCLUSIVE: BRAZIL: Axe that swung over Smart Formore could also hit assembly plant


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