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Dave Leggett | 11 February 2005

Well, we obviously try and keep typos and mis-spellings to a minimum, but they can creep in very occasionally and I have every sympathy with other publishers and copywriters when something slips in. No-one is perfect and let he who is without sin cast the first stone etc.

And sometimes there are terms that one doesn't come across every day which are especially dangerous. I've been sent a press release concerning small British van maker LDV issued by Retainagroup, a firm that has been awarded an OE vehicle security fitment contract with the firm and wants the world to know. Fair enough.

The e-mail is headed: 'Press Release Regarding Leyland Daff Vans'. Hang on a minute. First off, Leyland Daf is a previous incarnation of the company prior to the MBO that formed the current firm, LDV. It was owned by Dutch-based commercial vehicle maker DAF back then, but LDV doesn't actually stand for Leyland Daf Vans now. But second, and this was what made me laugh, it's Leyland Daf, not Leyland Daff. Any connection with Daffy Duck? Hey, I take my laughs wherever I can get 'em.

All's well in the press release itself, incidentally.


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