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Dave Leggett | 12 June 2008

'Coolbear' Bursa has provided some illuminating history of Renault's Dacia plant in Romania. The history is an interesting tale in its own right, but it also helps to put current developments in context.

The 'before and after' stuff is well informed by his recent visit being preceeded by a visit in 2001, when the stories and hangovers from the communist era operation and the struggle to survive immediately afterwards were still pretty fresh.

Workers were fitting faulty parts to keep the assembly line going in order to meet production quotas that determined their pay. And at one point there was just one telephone line for the whole sales department. Imagine that.

"It's Niko after me, then Hari and then you can have the phone after he's done. Just prepare for your call or better still, go make tea - mine's white, no sugar." 

Mark tells me the car market in Romania is developing rapidly and it's already moving away from the relatively primitive 'three-box' Logan sedan to preferring hatchbacks like the Sandero. Anyway, there's more Dacia material from Mark on its way...

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: How Dacia survived – and prospered


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