Blog: Dave LeggettCycling to Barcelona (fantasy)

Dave Leggett | 11 January 2005

It is grey and unusually mild again today and I've just heard a warning on the radio that it will be a bit 'breezy' later on (especially in northern Britain, where damage from 100mph gusts is expected). Some sunshine wouldn't go amiss.

This week's Automotive News Europe also comes with heavy promotion of the annual Congress event which takes place this year in early May in Barcelona. I usually go along and report on that event for just-auto and this year should be no exception. Hmm. Early May. Barcelona in the spring sunshine. Doesn't sound at all bad. Maybe I could cycle down there? How long would it take? (On the quiet, I am a bit of a fan of the Tour de France - if you want a good read, 'French Revolutions' by Tim Moore.) On second thoughts, the Pyrenees would probably finish me off. I could drive it I suppose. That could be fun. Maybe a manufacturer would loan me a press car for it? Right, that's enough. Reality check. I'll probably be on Easyjet and I'd now better get on. Another management briefing beckons.

Automotive News Europe Congress 2004 - review


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