Blog: Dave LeggettCurious goings on at Tesla

Dave Leggett | 15 May 2008

What Tesla has achieved with its Roadster is pretty impressive, by any standards. Any firm that gets as far as it has done in executing such a radical vision deserves some credit - though Tesla's journey is far from over. It's early days in terms of deliveries of the first cars and the vision has further to go in terms of future higher volume plug-in models. And if others pick up the Tesla ball and run with it, that's no disaster either.

But beating the Tesla path has not been entirely smooth and maybe that's no big surprise given the nature of the undertaking. There's litigation stuff going on with a major contractor - Fisker - and there has been some discord inside Tesla at times, also. On the latter point, there's a curious row going on between one of the Tesla founders and ex-CEO, Martin Eberhard, and Tesla over his 'number 2' (after Elon Musk took #1) car. It's a bit sad to see, but stuff like this happens. Autobloggreen has the details.

Tesla Saga continues: When is production car #2 not?


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