Blog: Dave LeggettCup holders matter, too

Dave Leggett | 16 October 2012

The emergency logistics firm Evolution Time Critical (ETC) has revealed that it recently carried out an emergency delivery of cup holders by four aircraft charters.

ETC used four aircraft charters in one day to complete a 'critical delivery to a major OEM which was launching a model upgrade'. The delayed cup holders would not have resulted in a line stoppage and therefore the financial penalty to the OEM for not delivering would have been relatively low, ETC acknowledges. However, the reputational damage of a supply chain failure would have been significant, it says. If the delivery wasn’t successful, the parts would have had to be retrofitted delaying final delivery by an estimated three days and incurring the damage risk inherent with a retrofit.

“Delaying delivery of a new car can be immensely frustrating for the customer and damaging to an OEM's brand at a critical point of the customer experience,” says ETC MD Brad Brennan. “The short-term financial penalties for failing to deliver on this job would have been relatively small. It’s a credit to the OEM and the Tier 1 that they place such value on consumer experience that they are willing to pull out all the stops to make sure the car can be delivered on time.”

The bit of the supply chain where ETC is active is certainly fascinating for the variety of different types of job they get drawn into. Brad is unfailingly careful to protect clients' identities, but there are some corking stories of emergency logistics deliveries around the world and the challenges that have to be overcome in double-quick time. There's a lot more of this sort of thing going on than you might think. 

INTERVIEW: Brad Brennan, MD of emergency logistics provider Evolution Time Critical


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