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Dave Leggett | 5 February 2007

I recently interviewed Hugh Foden of Cummins Engines. You can read the interview on just-auto now. Several points stood out for me. One is that Cummins, in its commercial vehicle engine business, is set-up to find new business, new niche opportunities. It has a large number of customers and operates by filling gaps in manufacturers' engine ranges. Consolidation in the commercial vehicle industry has meant that some customers have disappeared. It isn't sitting on one or two big long-term cash-cow contracts. It has had to have a culture driven by the need to find new business.

And it has been active in emerging markets for a long time. Foden himself is spending a lot of time travelling to Turkey, Eastern Europe and the countries of the CIS, sniffing out new business wherever he can find it.

But he was also very positive about the potential for light-duty diesel engine business in the US. There's a Cummins V8 diesel coming with lower displacement than the engine that currently goes into the Dodge Ram pick-up. Despite my best efforts, he was resolutely tight lipped on details. But Cummins definitely has its eye on diesel light truck business in North America. As a company, it's notably nimble and possesses enough specialist experience to interest quite a few OEMs I would think. The smaller V8 could be the spark.

Q&A with Hugh Foden, Cummins Engines


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