Blog: Dave LeggettCummins dinner

Dave Leggett | 29 June 2006

Good dinner last night at L'Escargot. Not a snail in sight and there were a few old trucker contacts and journalists to say hello to. The Cummins guys were pretty upbeat, with a positive tale to tell. Cummins is a heavy engineering company that has been through some painful restructuring (in automotive that began when the bottom fell out of the US freight truck market in the 1980s when the road haulage industry was deregulated) but appears to be doing pretty well now. There's less reliance on the US and a much broader customer base that includes a number of interesting JVs. Turnover is expected to grow from US$9.9bn last year to US$11bn this.

And, despite the fact that the old Cummins UK commercial vehicle customers have now been swallowed up by bigger groups with their own engines, Cummins hasn't forgotten about Europe after all. But it is a 'new Europe' now.

News item I have knocked up is below.

UK: Cummins upbeat on global automotive business prospects


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