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Dave Leggett | 18 January 2007

CSR - it's a new acronym for us to get to know and it stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It seems that CSR is of growing interest to consumers, including car buyers, who are increasingly thinking beyond the bare facts of the product they are purchasing to consider wider issues associated with its production/use such as carbon footprint and the way firms treat their workers. It's something of particular relevance in industries with international operations. In particular, look out for rankings. Vehicle manufacturers always seem sensitive to rankings.

Will we see them trying to outdo each other on CSR measures? 'We plants trees in Siberia to fully offset the extra carbon footprint from the enhanced performance on the GoFaster TurboNutter XYi model.' 'The Brazilian workers who make the low-cost Badger are paid more than the local average wage and live in nearby subsidised accommodation, complete with all facilities including health centre and creches. We believe happy workers make better cars.'  

UK: OEMs’ ‘CSR’ may provide performance insight


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