Blog: Dave LeggettCrunch time for Landy

Dave Leggett | 6 September 2004

Wednesday this week looks like being crunch day at Land Rover - that's when Mark Fields gets the latest LR 'roadmap' from the local management and unions. Myself and Graeme Roberts have just been mulling the whole PAG manufacturing set-up in Britain question over a heavier than usual lunch and it's aggravated our post fry-up indigestion. Could radical surgery be on the agenda, maybe even a Solihull shutdown, possibly as part of some similarly radical Jaguar reorganisation? Unthinkable once perhaps, but the really important thing is how something like this would play out within Ford. We don't think there'd be a whole lot of sympathy within FMC for LR (dismal quality, stroppy workforce) or Jaguar (losing money hand over fist).


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